Shariati Hospital was officially stablished in December 1974 and  now is one of the most well-known medical, research and educational centers in the country. 

This center has Approximately 600 active beds, 32 hospitalization departments, 34 para-clinic units, which provide various types of specialized and ultra-specialized services to patients from all over the country and even neighbor countries. 

This hospital provides over 190000 outpatient medical services per year, more than 305,000 outpatient para-clinic services and about 19,800 emergency services. 

This center is not only a resort for regular patients from all over the country but also has provided medical services  for famous  personals (politicians, culture and art celebrities, etc.) because of the ability, knowledge and skills of Doctors and staff and the presence of the most prominent professors in many clinical disciplines. 

Major departments such as bone marrow transplantation, stem cell therapy, IVF and infertility treatment and an important organ transplantation supply center are based at this center.


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Ms.Yahya Zadeh




Iodine Therapy